5000 Fairview Drive - 512-453-5551

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45th Annual Men's Spinner Invitational

February 20 & 21, 2021

Crenshaw Athletic Club - Gymnasium

5000 Fairview Drive
Austin, Texas 78731

A Whopping 45 years and still one of the best Men's Competitions!!!

Short, Smooth Sessions with
great competition throughout Region III.


    Please Read!

  • 1) We have wonderful equipment and great seating for the parents..
  • 2) We always end up returning some entries because of full sessions. Do not wait for the entry deadline. Mail early!
  • 3) PLEASE ask your parents NOT to call me directly. Give them the parent handout and it should answer most of their questions.
  • 3) We are offering a discount of $5 per entry for those entries and checks received prior to January 20th. If you FAX, you still must have the checks in my hands prior to that day to receive the discount. Most of the sessions will fill by January 20th because of the discount.
  • 4) This year the Double Tree Hotel will be our host hotel. This motel is right on the southwest corner of Mopac and Hwy 183. It is fairly difficult to find the entrance. Be patient. There is limited space, so reserve your rooms early.

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