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About Palaestra

The "enlightened" alternative

to traditional preschool and pre-K programs.

The program is built around rotations in:

  • Gymnastics
  • Swimming
  • Explore
  • Language Arts
  • The Arts


Students begin with very basic skills on the various apparatus' in the gym and gradually build on that foundation. They gain confidence, coordination and strength.


Year round swimming lessons create little fish out of our students. Beginning very slowly with blowing bubbles and gaining comfort in the water, they end the year swimming across the pool and depending on age, many times swim team ready.



Explore is our math and science class. Students play counting and math games and use hand on science experiments to gain knowledge of scientific theories and concepts.

Language Arts

Language Arts teaches phonetic sounds, letter and word recognition, vocabulary, handwriting and print concepts, sight words, pre-reading and reading. Teachers use games, an interactive smart board, flash cards to facilitate learning in this class.

The Arts

Students learn art and music history, begin learning to read music, experiment with sound and musical instruments, learn color theory, put on puppet shows, sing songs and even learn different types of dance from interpretive to the tango!


Palaestra nurtures the whole child. Highly experienced staff work together to help each individual child grow physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. Small student ratios make it possible to give lots of individual attention and encourages close, long lasting friendships among peers. Teachers who stay in their area of expertise and a rotating class schedule keep both students and teachers fresh throughout the day.


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