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About Gymnastics Classes

The Crenshaw facility on Fairview Drive (Balcones and Hancock) is over 26,000 square feet with the centerpiece a 12,000 square foot air conditioned gymnasium. The gym is unique in that there is an emphasis on Tumbling and Trampoline. This is seen with six in-ground Trampolines, a full Floor Exercise mat, Tumbling Strip which feeds into a landing pit and a Tumble Track which is 40 feet long. There are at least two or more of each of the remaining pieces of apparatus that are introduced to the classes. The entire gym has a elevated running track which serves the Adult Fitness Program as well as being a seating platform for Parent's Visiting Days and other special events.

Although Crenshaws has broken away from the traditional gymnastic studios by offering many different programs, quality has always been the number one concern. Over the years, the gymnastic team has participated in state, regional and national championships. Crenshaws has been proud to have had many gymnasts who were members of the United States Junior National Team. Many of these students have earned scholarships to colleges and universities. With over 60 on staff and well over 1600 strong in membership, Crenshaws has truly risen to the top as one of the largest and most innovative facilities of its kind.


Unfortunately, Crenshaws does not have any Adult Gymnastics Programs. We do, on the other hand have an Adult Finess center for you to use while your child is doing gymnastics or just anytime you please!

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