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Parents who are interested in enrolling
their child for the Fall 2020 Crenshaw After School Care.

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The Crenshaw Athletic Club After School Care Program has been extremely popular over the years. Reasons include the low student-teacher ratio as well as the myriad of different activities the children are exposed to throughout the year. Not only is time spent working on homework, but there is also time spent with a variety of outdoor activities. Children also get gymnastics twice a week and a dip in the pool on Fridays for free swim.

Our After School Care Program is difficult to get into because we have only a limited number of openings each year. We are pleased that we do not have many drops from the program. Add that to the fact that siblings of children in the program get the first opening spots, leads to only a few openings each year. Beginning in the fall of 2019, our After School Care program will pick up at Highland Park and Doss Elementary Schools.

With that said, we encourage you to apply to join one of the premier After School Care programs in Austin. Here are some things that you need to know about the registration process.

  • 1) Registration is by mail only. Postmark on letters cannot be prior to March 5, 2019. No meter mail or special delivery.
  • 2) The registration fee for After School Care is $100.
  • Should your child get into the program, the balance of the deposit ($75) will be due to fully process the application.
  • 3) You will be notified either way by e-mail or phone. We will leave a message if necessary. You are welcome to call after March 15th to check on the status.
  • 4) If your child does not get into the program, we will return your check and place your child on our waiting list for only the 2019-20 school year. The waiting list is started new each year.
  • 5) Fill out the attached application, add the $100 check and mail both to:


2019-20 Crenshaw After School Care Program
5000 Fairview Drive
Austin, Tx 78731


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