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Crenshaw Athletic Club

Gymnastics at Crenshaws

Parent and Tot

Our Parent and Tot class consists of a 40 minute class with one teacher who will be assisting you and your child. Parent and Tot is designed to help parent and child work together in a playful, fun atmosphere to develop the child's hand-eye coordination and body awareness all while building strength, agility and flexibility with basic gymnastics skills. We will be using many of the gym areas within the class.

We strive to have our families grow when they are here with us. This is made possible by exploring and learning new interesting skills all while in a safe place. We encourage your child to explore and play within our designed areas which helps build self confidence as well as introduces rule following.

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Preschool Gymnastics
(3-5 Years)

Preschool gymnastics consists of a 40 minute class where your child will be assigned a teacher for the entire class. During preschool gymnastics classes we focus on basic gymnastics skills, strength, and flexibility on all Olympic events. We incorporate trampoline and tumbling along with fun games and props to increase coordination and gross motor skill.

Each student progresses at their own pace as they build a strong foundation for gymnastics and physical activity. Preschool gymnastics is also a great way for students to make friends, practice social skills, and work on listening, following instructions and paying attention as they get ready for school.

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Gymnastics Classes

Our regular gymnastic classes consist of a 40 minute class where your child will be grouped based on their ability. These groups will then rotate through the events of the gym with the coaches staying on their event. We do this because we have coaches who specialize on those events so you child will get the best help within that particular event. Your child will rotate through events like trampoline, floor, tumbling, bars, beam and rings. The classes will focus on basic gymnastics skill that will lead to more advanced skills as your child progresses.

During the year we will have several parents vising days to watch your child's class and the progress they are making leading up to the end of the year Gymkhana performance and trophy presentation in May.

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