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Crenshaw After School Care is a Sports and educational program dedicated to the development and advancement of children through physical and mental activities

About After School Care

Crenshaw After School Care is a Sports and educational program dedicated to the development and advancement of children through physical and mental activities. It is our goal to make Crenshaws the most progressive facility of its kind. In striving to accomplish this goal, we never lose sight of the individual child. We pledge to do our best to develop each child's potential and provide them with a rewarding, enjoyable and positive experience.

Our After School Care program is different from the conventional care programs offered elsewhere. It provides a unique experience by offering a wide variety of activities. These include gymnastic classes and arts & crafts. The children also enjoy sports activities and recreational swimming. The goal of this program is to continue to challenge children by providing a fun atmosphere in which to spend their after school time. Crenshaws recognizes children should be challenged in a wide variety of ways to help expand their mind and body.


2024 - 2025

$425 per month

10% sibling discount

Our After School Program will pick up children from Highland Park and Doss Elementary Schools. Children from Highland Park are met along the side of the school near the Kindergarten wing and walk across to our facility. Those children who come from Doss are picked up in our bus in front of the school and are returned to Crenshaws. The program is broken up into groups. Each of these groups have their own homeroom where they begin and end each afternoon. Two or three teachers are assigned to each group.


Care is from the time school is released until 5:45 p.m.


The After School Program strictly follows the AISD School Schedule. Through our camp programs, care is available week of Thanksgiving, Winter Holidays and Spring Break. Camps are offered at these times for an additional fee.

Additional Fees

A fee is charged for those parent who are unable to pick up their child on time or do not call the office when children are going to be absent from the program.

Registration Information

After School registration is every year around the beginning of March through on the Crenshaws iClassPro Portal only.
The program is VERY popular and will generally fill immediately.
A $100 registration fee will be required should your child be confirmed into the program.

Parents who are interested in enrolling their child
for our Crenshaw After School Care Program.

The Crenshaw Athletic Club After School Care Program has been extremely popular over the years. Reasons include the low student-teacher ratio as well as a variety of different activities the children are exposed to throughout the year. Not only is time spent working on homework, but there is also time spent with a variety of outdoor activities. Children also get a gymnastic class twice a week and a dip in the pool on Fridays for free swim.

Our After School Care Program is difficult to get into because we have only a limited number of openings each year. Children who are currently in the program have the opportunity to re-enroll for the program prior to opening registration for the general public. We are pleased that we do not have many drops from the program which leads to only a few openings each year. Our After School Care program picks up at Highland Park and Doss Elementary Schools.

With that said, we encourage you to apply to join one of the premier After School Care programs in Austin. You are always welcome to added to our Waitlist and we will notify you by email or phone if we have room for you child. You will remain on this wait list the entire year but please note we start a new wait list every year in March. 

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